Hot Cheese or Breadcrumbs?

A weekend. A pizza. 

A pizza experience starts the moment you order. Choosing from a variety of your favorite toppings. That sweet anticipation- knowing it is going to be quick. The joy when the Pizza delivery guy rings your doorbell. Those hot Pizza boxes ! The delight of asking for and getting those extra oregano & chilli flake packs.

Nothing beats the pleasure you get from unboxing a pizza box. The first sight and captivating aroma of hot bread, melted cheese and tomato sauce and basil.  The pleasure of picking and biting into that first cheesy slice. The joy of sharing a Pizza with others. Pizza is hedonism at its best. 

But sometimes at the end, you are left with those ugly dry Pizza bread crumbs*. And your guilt. 

All products are experiences. Each experience has its high point and a low point. We crave for and look forward to experiences for its high points. But we know low points are inevitable. But should an experience end on a low point?

Brands need to rethink about their product experience journeys and if the experience ends on a low point, you have an opportunity to do something about it. When the lowest point of a product consumption experience journey is consciously (by design) reversed to form a High Point, it becomes an unexpected delight for consumers. Because deep down consumers  were already expecting those compromises. And when they don't have to, it is a refreshing change. 

Atleast, the Pizza guys did something about it by experimenting with those crusts. Did they succeed? Well, the jury is still out.

(*The right term for outer edges of a Pizza is 'cornicione', some people refer to it as crust but crust is actually the entire bread component.)