Founder - Nishant Zaveri

Nishant Zaveri, Strategist and Storytelling chief at Haiku Branding

Nishant Zaveri, Strategist and Storytelling chief at Haiku Branding

I have spent almost a decade as a brand marketing professional, having worked in branding agencies, product and service companies, and business consulting firms. Have helped companies in launching products, creating brands, defining categories and achieving business growth. While on this journey, have developed passion and expertise in brand creation and innovation, brand positioning, brand architecture, verbal branding and strategic design consulting. 

I believe:

- While business and selling is all about inclusion, branding is actually an art of conscious elimination. Strange as it may sound but this contrarian thought is what drives profits in businesses. As a brand we have to choose.

A brand becomes stronger when you narrow the focus.

- Businesses that tell an interesting story always do exceedingly well. And it is not just pertaining to businesses. Storytelling is the most important tool for mankind (and beats fire, the wheel and computer hands down). Read more about it here.

 Haiku finds its essence in these thoughts. It is a practice built to help companies grow through branding and storytelling.



Because it takes a village to build a cathedral. Haiku believes in collaborating with relevant specialists on need scope basis. Each project is unique and requires specialized skill sets. We believe in assembling a team of passionate storytellers (whatever be their tools) gathered on a purpose. Because there is no magic left in cookie cutter solutions and 9-5 fixed desk jobs in cubicles. Doing meaningful work on time is what matters.

To create a brand story, you may often find us work with Graphic Designers, Artists, Photographers, Writers, Film Makers, Cartoonists, Psychologists, Anthropologists, Digital Marketers, SEO Specialists, Researchers, Business Consultants, Chefs, Bull Riders, Sky Divers, Gamers, Guitarists, Wordsmiths and Life Experiencers.