why YOUR brand matters?

Market is cluttered. We have too many choices. While we love to buy, we don’t like to be sold.

We have always longed for something or someone to believe in. We seek meaning and expression. We think our choices reflect us. Nothing wrong with that. We are what we are. Humans.

We have deep emotional, psychological & spiritual needs and desires. And a lot of it remains unfulfilled. We seek stories to fulfil them. 

When we see a good product with an interesting story, something magical happens. We immediately connect. Our experience changes. Our relationship with the product changes. It appeals to our aspirations, hopes and dreams. We suddenly begin to see meaning. We start to believe in it. 

And we don’t believe in it just because you (the maker) told us a story, but because you actually lived that story. You believed in it first. And continue to do so.

And when that happens, you stop being a commodity. You don't face consumer apathy. You don't keep selling on price discounts. You don't break the bank for petty 'share of voice' wars.

And everybody profits - the maker, the consumer and everyone who engages with that story.

This is the power of a brand. The brand is not just your name, a logo or a piece of advertising. It is your conviction.

It is how you bring meaning, fulfil aspirations and make a difference in people's lives through work.

A brand has utility, perspective and a unique voice. More importantly, it has a story. We can help you create that story. If you truly believe in your product.






Haiku is a specialist branding firm. We have helped create and transform several brands spanning several industries like FMCG - Foods & Personal Care, Retail, Dairy etc. We create brands based on sound strategy and 'out of the box' innovative thinking. At Haiku, we use our proprietary step-by-step proven strategic brand process to arrive at a winning solution.  

Please contact us to know more about our approach and discuss your brand possibilities.

The market for something to believe in is infinite.
— Hugh MacLeod