seven things

  1. Our reason to exist is to help you sell more of your products, services and ideas. We will never forget this. This comes above everything else. 
  2. While we do that, we also want to make a difference, expand horizons and add meaning. 
  3. We love to help good companies grow. It takes a lot of grit, guts and gumption to run a good business. We want you to succeed.
  4. Innovation is cherished here. Storytelling is practiced. Great work is worshipped.
  5. Life is short. We want to choose clients we would enjoy working with. And we are sure you would also want to choose people that you enjoy working with. That way work is not 'work'. 
  6. As business problem solvers, our key deliverable is- 'whatever it takes'. But there are times you will hear us say no. Either we have too much on our plates or are not good enough yet to do that for you. 
  7. Skills can be hired, merit can be bought, passion can't. There are a lot of professional agencies around. But we take our work personally. And we show up everyday.