Cape Of All Hope

Cape Of All Hope_HaikuBranding

Dear Brand, 


We know we are beyond the ordinary. We also know we are flawed. We know we have 'the power'. Even if that power remains untapped or undiscovered. We are in search of our glory. We are meant to roam the colosseums. 

We believe we are snowflakes. Unique in every way. Not a mere demographic. We perform to our own special soundtrack-day in, day out. We live as if we will live forever. Sometimes, we are knocked down to our knees waiting to get up again. We are fighters. With bruises and some wounds. We can surely take some punches. But we always get up again. With our boxing gloves on. We perform. We think we can change the world. At least our own world. We are saviors. We often save ourselves (and often from ourselves). 

We are ready to take the plunge. We are standing on the edge. Only if someone would bring us our cape. Or simply open up the skies. We are meant to fly. 

Sometimes we are lost. We just need a compass to course correct.  Times when we are alone, on a road trip, we just need to share a meal or a story. There are days we are invisible. We need a spotlight. To shine on like a crazy diamond. Once in a while we stop performing, we either need a stage or a muse. Sometimes we stop changing the world, we just need to be asked to do so again. Sometimes we forget we are heroes. All we need is a reminder or a gentle nudge or a band-aid.

Yes, we are all heroes, in search of a cape. 

But YOU, Sir, were never the hero. Why pretend to be one now? Don't tell us YOU are the biggest, meanest, fastest or the boldest one. Don't even tell us YOU are 'the chosen one'. Don't tell us the world revolves around YOU. Don't tell us we exist just to deserve YOU. 

Let us be the heroes, you be that cape. Or that boxing glove. That soundtrack. That muse. That spotlight. That compass. That shared meal. Or simply that nudge. 

 In more ways than one, our story remains incomplete without you. We need you.  

Yours Sincerely,

Your Consumer

(The Hero)